What I Would Do As President

Player, student, analyst, FAN! Ever since I picked up a baseball, I?ve loved the game. When elected as President, I will show the devotion and passion to this position that I have for the game and fans, sharing stories and experiences while building the Red Sox Nation family tree.

Creative Ideas:

Fan Day. Four players would be available to sign autographs once a month at stations inside the stadium for 20 minutes, after batting practice. This would give the fans an opportunity to be up-close and personal with past and current Red Sox players.

Red Sox 101. Provide fans with a real time opportunity to ask questions online during the game about particular plays, calls made by umpires or strategies used by managers.

The Pesky Pass. This is a pass given to senior citizens that would allow them access to shorter lines around the park, and other special privileges.

Bring baseball to economically challenged neighborhoods. Coordinate picnics and sports clinics for families who love the Red Sox, but are not able to afford to come to the game. You cannot take everybody to Fenway, but you can bring the spirit and passion of the game to them. I, as President and a former player, would be on hand to personally instruct the players — giving them someone to identify with from "RED SOX NATION."

Sawxheads.com. A new social networking website, a myspace for sports which allows fans to post their photos and videos with their own blogs. Fans can share their experiences through testimonials and build their own album. The site also provides all the latest news about the Sox.



HEy Sam great to see you back in the so called LimeLight again. I am really happy with your Peskys Pass. Please try and help them do something for Pesky before the end of his time. I understand the retiring of the number but atleast at Fenway retire his jersey or something. He is always there and has been for 3/4 of his life. I have met him numerous times, called radio talk shows regarding his acknowledgement. You Sam were a heck of a ball player and I wish you and your family well.

Sam you didn’t create Sawxheads or Soxspace. Give credit where credit is due. I’m putting in my vote for Jared Carrabis.

Sam–I would like to know exactly what you would do for us out-of-town fans who cannot get tickets. I have been a Red Sox fan since before you were born (sad, but true!!!), and, once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, I could actually buy tickets without having to take out a second mortgage on my house. Now it seems that only people with corporate connections can get tickets. I would be happy to help you bring baseball to “the hood,” since I have a daughter who teaches in Roxbury and could use your help there. However, how about us real fans who can’t get into the park? And what about this Stub Hub thing? It’s legalized extortion, as far as I am concerned.


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